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Welcome to GCC Kinderland where everyday is one of love, laughter and learning.!!!

Our 9000 sq.ft. child-friendly area is completely dedicated to little learners. Unlike any other floors of the school building, this floor is paved with vinyl flooring and laid out with rounded furniture. This is a deliberate step to enable our students to enjoy themselves without inhibitions. The play area is also paved with a special turf flooring so as to avoid any harm while at play.

During the early pre-primary years, the child absorbs directly from the environment, almost like a sponge. Hence during this phase, language and gross motor skills are honed through play – way, child-centered methodology. It is critical for students to not only learn fundamental concepts and mechanics, but to also develop learning skills and approaches that will set the stage for a lifetime of success.



Our bright and spacious classrooms are equipped with LED TVs that digitally converts the curriculum to help the young minds to be more creative through conceptual learning.

Our state-of-the-art iPad lab is designed to support audio-visual learners in the classroom. For best learning experience, we provide our students with Apple iPad Minis.

 We believe in providing complete transparency to our parents. Through our software and mobile application, parents can get real-time updates on every school and classroom activities such as classwork, homework, notices and circulars. Parents will get their unique ID, which allows them to access their child’s information, attendance, report cards, fee-receipts and more.

Quality education is a key area of importance. In order to facilitate and sustain quality teaching and learning, it is our policy to limit the number of students to 25 in each Kinderland class.

Our multi-purpose resource room is an ideal activity area for our students that can be used for different types of learning and skill development. The room is equipped with child-friendly materials that require the students to explore and create something new.

Enjoyment is the key ingredient in very sport or exercise program especially for children. Roller Skating provides just that. It is a great way for improving strength, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility.

 We include the music and movement program in our curriculum. Music and movement classes are rich, multi-sensory experiences that develop your child’s intelligence, reasoning skills, memory, and language skills. We play music and include singing in our daily routine. Music very effectively develops neural pathways, especially in young children, and the children love it!

Speech and Drama is a powerful way to learn the necessary building blocks for a life of effective communication. It empowers children and enables them to develop self-confidence, a creative imagination, empathy and maturity in interpersonal skills.

Our Perceptual Motor Program is developed for pre-school students at every different age and developmental phase. This program focuses on all forms of motor and muscle development – including small detail such as eye tracking. Individual assessments are done twice per year and the results are reported to parents, complete with individually tailored exercises. Suggested activities are repeated throughout the week and children learn quickly learn by repetition.

The primary responsibility of our school is to ensure a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors. The School is equipped with HD CCTV Cameras covering all areas of the premises. The School has separate entry and exit gates, which are guarded by our in-house security guards 24×7. Visitors are not allowed on the school floors during school hours.

GCC International School

77/1 & 2, Ghodbandar Gao, Near GCC Hotel and Club, Off Mira Bhayander Road, Mira Road East. Thane – 401107
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Tel: +91-22-28107580
Email: info@gccinternationalschool.com

Admissions Open for A.Y. 2020-2021. Affiliated to ICSE: Affiliation No. MA249

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