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Learning Labs

“It is the child in man that is the source of his uniqueness and creativeness, and the playground is the optimal milieu for the unfolding of his capabilities and talent.”

Laboratories are stimulating places for students, thus at GIS we have individually designed laboratories for our students to practise their hands on experiments. These bright and colourful labs are well-equipped with all laboratory features. All laboratories of GIS cater to the needs of experiments as prescribed. As many as 40 students can perform a wide range of experiments simultaneously while the teachers and lab-assistants always at hand provide constant supervision and guidance for optimum results.


The science labs at GIS are modern, providing an atmosphere of experiencing and learning science. The lab provides an open environment for students to experiment and do research work.

The science labs are sophisticated and fully equipped to meet the prescribed requirements of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There are numerous preserved biological specimens to observe and study, widening the exposure of students to the world of Biology.

The equipment for Physics allows students to perform experiments and study various principles and laws. The facilities and wide range of chemicals and apparatus allow the students a hands-on experience in learning Chemistry.


Amazing learning happens when a student himself does what the theorems he learnt in the math class. To enrich the teaching of mathematics at the school level, the Math Lab has been set up. The ‘learning by discovery’ approach is practiced here and students are made to work on projects and activities, which highlight the relevance of mathematics.

They get hands on experience. The lab also encourages group learning cooperative learning among children. It not only encourages ‘do & discover’ method but also removes the fear of Math and thus complements classroom learning. They not only study the various concepts, they go back to the life of the mathematician, learn about his background, his life, learning strategies, and the limited opportunities he had to work with. It inspires the young mind by emulating their example.


In continuing effort to equip students with proficiency in English communication skill, the school has installed English Language Lab. The installation of the lab has been an important step to provide an opportunity for the students to learn basic phonetics in accordance with the IPA (International Phonetic Association).

The lab has provided another dimension to English language learning as it makes learning easy and interesting.


The Computer Lab provides student with latest technology and resources, as well as the assistance needed to carry out research and explore the latest information related to all subjects.

The student to computer ratio is maintained at 1:1


Social Studies laboratory provides a quick and ready functional environment which not merely provides theoretical but also practical knowledge. The Social Studies Lab at GIS is set up on the notion of functionality and has learning infrastructure. The school has a well-equipped social studies room cum laboratory. It is well-equipped with equipment’s, apparatuses and material required for the subject, which helps in creating and maintaining a much needed congenial atmosphere for effective learning. It provides a work room for the student-teachers because activities and the practical solution of problem characterize every unit or topic. The permanent display of important maps and globes, pictures and charts and constant reference to them by teaching is sure to make the teaching of social studies effective, lively and interesting.


Music lab at GIS provides a nurturing environment for the students to engage in finest performing arts education. The Music lab transforms lives through excellence in music teaching, performance and creative activities.

The aim of having a music lab in school is to promote the study, practice and knowledge of music in our students and to give or arrange concerts and musical entertainments.

Our music lab is well-equipped with instruments such as drums, keyboard, guitar etc.


Dance is more than the exploring of different ways to make a shape or learning a series of steps to music; it is a way of moving that uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication. Through dance, students learn teamwork, focus, and improvisational skills. Dance awakens new perceptions in children which help them learn and think in new ways.

At GIS, a separate, spacious dance studio, well-equipped with necessary technical instruments is a place where students are trained in various forms of dance. Students are encouraged to develop their talents and skills from an early stage.

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