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Futuristic Curriculum matching global standards.
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Educating our learners the way they would like to learn, has led to the development of In-House School Curriculum GNOSIS. This will empower the learners through exploring and research.

Books selected for the students are NCERT books and worksheets matching the global standards. We believe the students should develop as STAR learners who have the Synthesizing Skills, Thinking Skills, Analytical Skills and Reasoning Skills.

GCC International School is in process of being CBSE Board affiliated and is offering education to Pre-Primary, Primary & Secondary Section.


We have an in-house futuristic curriculum that has been integrated with technology. It is as per the National ECCED framework given by Education Department.  

Primary & Secondary

The learning for the primary section Grade I-V, and Secondary section Grade VI-X,  is supported by in-house curriculum GNOSIS- Technology Integrated Learning.

The Academic Management structure is designed to ensure maximum effectiveness in the execution of the core curriculum and other aspects of the academic programme. The Principal and the Coordinators are responsible for smooth delivery of the respective academic programme.

We handle all parental concerns with expertise and immediate solutions. We believe in creating Parent Ambassadors who speak about us.

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GCC International School has initiated a structured weekend remediation program – Enhancement Class. This voluntary programme is an opportunity for students to review and strengthen thier skills that are being taught in the core classes. As students master more skills these sessions can be spent teaching more grade-level skills, thereby increasing the student’s achievement and self-esteem.

We encourage students to learn by themselves instead of relying on tuitions/coaching classes after school hours. Enhancement Classes are also designed to assist the students on the upcoming end of year examinations. The program will not focus on homework or classwork completion, but on actual classroom instruction, where a certified teacher will facilitate a lesson each day.

We are growing. Our students are exposed to learning that will help them compete with self-goals.

We are nurturing students through In-House Quiz-Wiz, Science Olympiad Foundation for English Olympiads, Enhancement Sessions, etc.

  • Broadening the student’s educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skill.
  • Reflecting on the nature of knowledge and know-how.
  • Developing, inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young learners who help to create a better and more peaceful world and through intercultural understanding and respect.
  • Becoming active, compassionate learners who understand and respect the differences of others.


At GCC International School, we are following the CBSE pattern for formal assessment and grading.

We create smaller, more frequent assessments:

Assessments do not have to be summative as they do not allow time for the teacher to go back and re-teach what their students missed. Creating smaller, more frequent assessments that serve as “checking for understanding” measures will help a teacher guide their instruction.

We use assessment results to guide instruction.

Evaluation results should be used to create levelled groups within a classroom for the purpose or targeting student needs. Useful assessments can be broken down by standard/domain, allowing the teacher to design targeted instruction. Like the one, you receive through Self-Expression by our learners.

We do assessments, not necessarily through a worksheet

Nothing sparks fear or boredom in a student more than a traditional paper/pencil test. Switch it up. Try introducing Project-Based Learning, oral reports, multi-media presentations, or demonstrations. Some learners will flourish on these types of assessments that would have performed poorly or in a traditional test. So we focus more on applied learning. Plus, it is more in line with what they will have to do as an adult. In practical life, do we benefit from sitting down and bubble in a test or write short answer responses to questions? NO! Only hand on experience and application based learning fortifies our knowledge and helps us excel.

We communicate assessment scores with students and parents 

Results should not be a secret. Ensure that scores are getting back to students and parents so that they are aware of the progress made and what needs to happen next. Our “Rendezvous with Parents” are two-way communications to share the glory and gaps of the learners.

We conduct Enhancement Sessions for the learners

Respecting every child as an individual learner; allowing him/ her to grow in his / her capacity; enabling positive environment and building up the foundation years through Enhancement Sessions.


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